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For The love of one's birthplace - st helena, california

I was born in St. Helena, a tiny city in Napa county. While I was only a few years old when my parents moved to Redwood city in San Mateo, my earliest memories are all of St. Helena. Those memories are so beautiful that I had to dedicate an entire page on my personal website to my place of birth. (Plus I hate how Wikipedia describes it!) I recently acquired the website for a few thousand dollars and used its content to commemorate my favorite place in the known universe.

Nature has blessed this city with its stunning natural beauty and extremely pleasant weather, with cool winters and bright summers. No wonder this city has become a popular tourist spot over the last decade with hundreds of tourists visiting it every year.

Below are some of my favorite places in St Helena. If you ever visit my lovely city, you ought to come check these out.

The Wine country Inn is located bang in the center of the city and provides you with lovely and quaint cottages. The staff makes you feel at home and the food is astonishingly delicious. The last time I visited there, I would sample the delicious local wine almost every afternoon. About 2 km from here you will find the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park. This is a wonderful place to walk, mediate and to enjoy nature. 

If you are open to traveling a little you should check out the Bothe Napa Valley State park. The park is surrounded by costal redwood trees and is a lovely place for a picnic or just a swim.